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Wedding Tents and Canopies

Wedding party showing beautiful bride and bridesmaids with groom and best man watching them prepare for pictures and photographs.  Hi peak tent makes a picture perfect backdrop across the lawn.

30 by 90 tent

30'x90' shown with optional sidewalls.

Great for large lawn parties, Corporate Events and (of course) weddings!
These beautiful white tents are professionally installed and are designed to withstand even the toughest weather conditions.
Our Elite Pole Tents come in the following sizes
30x30(seats up to 100)                              40x40(seats up to 130)
30x50(seats up to 150)                              40x60(seats up to 225)
30x70(seats up to 200)                              40x80(seats up to 300)
30x90(seats up to 240)                              40x100(seats up to 350)

  • Sidewalls (windowed or solid) and lighting can be added for an additional charge.
  • We also carry dance floors, “fill n chill” tables, and portable serving bars.
  • Tent Heaters and Cooling Fans also available
  • Table linens also available!  Call today for a quote.
  • We will be happy to custom design a wedding package to suit your needs and budget! 
  • Tent layout and diagrams are always available to you at no extra cost!
  • Call today for a free quote!