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Prolong the Life of Your Tents with Our Cleaning Services

As a rental company, we know the importance of providing clean and well-maintained equipment for your clients. By using Affordable Party Tent Rentals for your tent cleaning and repair needs, your patrons will notice that your tents are cleaner, brighter, and in better condition and will reflect well on you.

This results in repeat clientele and a great reputation for your business and ours.

Special Handling of Other Tent Companies Equipment

Special handling of other clients’ equipment is a priority at Affordable Party Tent Rentals. This includes tagging and keeping your companies equipment together so there are no mixups. Affordable Party Tent Rentals will treat your equipment like we treat our own.

Quick Turn Around Means Very Little Down Time

Working with Affordable Party Tent Rentals will meet your company’s demand with very little downtime. Your tents can be professionally cleaned for all your clients.  Along with cleaning and washing services we also offer tent repair, tent sewing, tent welding, and rope repair. We can repair holes, rips, tears, and gashes on any tent.