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Dance Floor and Staging Rentals

Dance Floor and Stage Rentals

Affordable Party Tent Rentals offers top-quality dance floors and stages.

Although dance floors are most often associated with weddings, they’re really perfect for any type of celebration, such as a graduation party, anniversary party, or birthday party, where guests would want to get up and move about.

Weddings and dancing, in particular, go hand in hand. Dance floors provide a stable, even platform for invitees to celebrate your special event to the fullest. With a dance floor, your guests can get their groove on in a designated space free of furniture.

beautiful tables decorated for a wedding reception using Affordable Party Tent's table rentals

What Flooring Options Does Affordable Party Tent Rentals Offer?

Our Dance Floor Rentals are made from high quality wood and aluminum and are great for indoor or outdoor use.  Our Dance Floors provide an attractive yet sturdy dancing area even when installed on soft surfaces like grass. Available in a variety of sizes with either New England Plank or American Plank finish. Dance the night away celebrating your special occasion.

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American Plank Dance Floor

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New England Plank Dance Floor

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Staging - Grey Carpeted 4x4

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(Guest Count / 2) * (3.5 square feet) = Minimum Needed Surface Area

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What Size Dance Floor Do I Need?

Various occasions call for dance floors of different sizes to accommodate the diverse styles of dancing and ensure an unforgettable experience for guests. Among the most common events requiring dance floors are weddings and special gatherings, where people come together to celebrate and share joyous moments. To ensure a well-planned event, it is essential to consider the optimal dance floor size based on the total number of guests, taking into account various factors such as the average age of attendees, the event style, and the type of music that will be played.

The general rule of thumb suggests allocating around 3-4 square feet per dancing couple on the dance floor. However, this estimation can vary depending on several factors. The average age of the attendees plays a crucial role in determining how many people might actively participate in dancing. As a general guideline, you can expect that approximately 50% of your guests will be on the dance floor at any given time. However, this percentage can vary widely based on the specific characteristics of your guests and the overall vibe of the event.

Call our office for price information on a bigger dance floor than what’s currently available on our website or if you need help deciding what size dance floor is ideal for your event.

Need Help Planning Your Event?

Let Affordable Party Tent Rentals handle all the details!

Where to Put a Dance Floor

At Affordable Party Tent Rentals, we offer high-quality dance floors suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. These versatile floors are constructed using top-notch wood and metal materials, providing stability and elegance for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding reception in a grand ballroom or a lively garden party, our dance floors ensure a secure and beautiful space for guests to dance. For outdoor events on grass or soft surfaces, we provide a turf-friendly subflooring option to protect the lawn from any harm while maintaining a stable and enjoyable dancing experience. With non-slip surfaces and various size options, our dance floors prioritize safety and aesthetics, seamlessly blending with any event decor. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist in selecting the perfect dance floor and ensuring a stress-free rental experience, making your event an unforgettable celebration of joy and happiness.

40x120 Farm Wedding Tent Dance Floor Dance Floor and Staging Rentals
First Dance Wedding Rental Tent Dance Floor and Staging Rentals

Why Rent From Affordable Party Tent Rentals?

Affordable Party Tent Rentals has been serving the Northern Illinois and Greater Chicagoland area as a family-run business since 2003. We offer tents, tables, chairs, dance floor, linen, lighting, generator, portable restrooms, temperature-controlled tent rentals, and more. We put in the same amount of effort no matter how big or small your event is, and we pride ourselves on offering an unbeatable value for the money.

Call Affordable Party Tent Rentals today, and get a quote for our services!

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