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48 Guest Package (Deluxe)

48 Guest Package (Deluxe)


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Product Information:

Our Guest Packages are perfect for backyard parties. Deluxe Guest Packages feature our High Peak Frame Tents.

Includes: 20x20 High Peak Frame Tent, 6  8' Banquet Tables, and 48 Black Chairs 

Accessories: Sidewalls, Lights, Heaters and More!

Set-up: requires 25'x25' area of level surface to install

Surface Type: Grass, Gravel, Asphalt*, Cement**, Patio**

 *Requires: Stake hole repair, or Concrete Ballast

**Requires:Concrete Ballast

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:



  • 20x20 High Peak Frame Tent

    Our most popular tent rental! 20x20 High Peak Frame Tents have an elegant look and can be installed on both grass and hard surfaces. They can be used alone or connected together to make unique sizes and conform to your space. Great for events of all types like graduation parties, corporate events, festivals, birthday parties, weddings and more.

    Seats up 32 guests with 4 - 60" Round Tables, or 48 guests with 6 - 8'x30" Banquet Tables.

    Accessories: Sidewalls, Lighting, Heaters.

    Surface Type: Grass, Gravel, Asphalt*, Cement**, Patio**

    **Requires Concrete Ballast for securement on hard surfaces, please contact our sales team for a quote.

  • Globe Light Strands

    Globe Lights provide a nice soft lighting. They can be strung along the centerpoles or along the perimeter of the tent.

    Ask our sales team for recommendations for your tent.

  • Italian String Lighting

    A very elegant lighting solution for your special event. Moderate and even light distribution. They can be strung inside a tent or "open air". 

    24' Strands (12 bulbs)

    Ask our sales team about Italian Lighting packages for your tent or patio.

  • 9x20 Solid Sidewall

    Solid Sidewall is great for backyard parties, food tents and festivals. Sidewall protects guests from rain, light wind and even cold weather if used with a heater.

  • 9x20 Window Sidewall

    Windowed Sidewall is great for Weddings and special events. Sidewall protects guests from rain, light wind and even cold weather if used with a heater.

  • 9x20 Window Sidewall W/ Zipper Door

  • 500lb Concrete Block
  • 700lb Concrete Block
  • 170k BTU Tent Heater w/Propane

    L.B White Premier 170k BTU Forced Air Tent Heater. 

    The Heater is installed outside the tent and warm air is blown into the tent through an air duct placed under the sidewall.

    Included thermostat controls the interior temperature.

  • Black Folding Chairs

    Standard Folding Chairs. Great for Indoor or Outdoor use.

  • Chair Set-up/Arrangement
  • 8'x30" Banquet Table

    Seats 8, or 10 if using the ends of the table. Use a 72"x120" Tablecloth for a mid length drop, or a 90"x156" Tablecloth for a full length drop.

  • Table Set-up/Arrangement

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